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“Homes to live well in” and “Offices to work well in” are the brand lines we selected since they reflect concepts we value and inspire us to search for quality homes and workspaces, in quality locations, so that our clients can live and work with pleasure.




Choice’s mission is to contribute to the quality of life of their clients, collaborators and partners, offering solutions in residential, office and commercial properties in a humane, professional and trustworthy environment.

our team

Ana Almeida

919 048 513

Has a degree in literature and modern
Part owner of Choice since november

Eugénio Rodrigues

918 352 710

Has a degree in music
Part owner of Choice since
november 2004.

Andreia Desirat

912 505 612

Has a degree in
Sales assistant at Choice since
april 2009.


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“Dear Eugénio, Ana and Andreia, I want to thank you for all your dedication and effort with the sale of my apartment(…). I want to thank your hard work and I will always remember to contact Choice, whether to sell or buy, for myself or my family, and I will certainly recommend you to friends. Best regards ”

Patrícia Ferreira Matos

“Your publicity photos captured the soul of my home(…). Congratulations on a wonderful job. I also liked the description of the apartment. I want to thank all your care with the sale process and of course, your efficiency with the sale.Thank you very much.”

Ana Rodrigues Ribeiro

“Choice has been my realty of preference in the last 3 moves of company headquarters. They have always been available, correct and loyal (for both sides). Choice is everything I look for in a real estate agency.”

Nuno Tavares
Owner & CEO - Tours For You


Hélder Marques

935 638 120

Arlindo Anacleto

211 394 203

Renato Mata

937 550 860

Carla Neto

219 240 681

António Correia

925 151 377

Vasco Pinheiro

939 573 534

João Almeida

962 047 478

José Inácio

927 415 029

Nuno Afonso Costa

919 010 006

Gorete Santos

915 034 705

Orlando Azevedo

965 411 052

António Magalhães

966 912 353

Rui Vieira

919 231 399

Ana Pacheco

962 525 680

Carlos Pacheco

916 894 000

Vitor Santos

213 950 773

Maria Viana

302 023 603

João Pedro

262 990 870

Goma Técnica

213 474 680

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Real Estate Mediation, Ltd.
AMI 6199
R. Cais das Naus 4.01.01 G
(Close to the Vasco da Gama Tower and the Sana Myriad Hotel)
Parque das Nações
1990-305 Lisboa

Tel. +(351) 210 970 617
mob. +(351) 912 505 612